Friday, June 8, 2012

The Climax Of LGBT

Good Evening Everyone, Readers And Follower, I need your cooperation on answering my questionnaire
about  The Climax Of LGBT.

I am student from BSc.(Hons) Chemistry (Forensic Analysis) Faculty of Applied Science is doing some survey and questionnaire for paper FSG500 Philosophy of Science about The Climax of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender / Transsexual (LGBT). Please do answer a few questions below. Thank You for your cooperation.

1) What is your orientation?
a)      Straight      d) Lesbian
b)      Bisexual     e) Not sure
        c)      Gay 

2) Do you notice about the existence of LGBT?
            a) Yes              b) No

3) Which is the most influence of being LGBT?
           a) Media Massa            b) Internet
           c) Movies                     d) Peers

4)  List one of the movies that are related to LGBT?

5) What is your opinion about the movies you list in item no 4?

6)  Should LGBT Legalize in Malaysia, why?

7) What is the consequence of being LGBT in term of morality?

8) List one of the health diseases that can spread during the       LGBT intercourse?

9) What is your opinion about the disease that spread throughout the LGBT activity?

10) What should we do towards the LGBT organization in Religious prospective?

11) What is the best way to control the activity of LGBT? (one only)

12) Give your opinion about the activity of LGBT in Malaysia?

Please Do Answer Your Question AT The Link Given
Part A :
Part B :


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